The 2023 Educational Justice Conference in Athens, Greece provided a holistic learning experience in which participants were not only able to present research, but also network with professionals from ten countries, tour the University of Athens and meet with representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Greece. Greece is a wonderful place to study the fundamentals of education, research education policy, and explore early educational sites.

About the Educational Justice Conference

Educational Justice Conference (EJC), is a two-tier event, beginning with our partner the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), and shifting to the EJC’s second international academic conference on Educational Justice. 

Attendees include faculty, administrators, and graduate students presenting research on the ever-changing dynamics, politics, and challenges of education from around the world.

This year’s gathering will include a focus on mental health, addressing its impact and conceptual connections on education for parents, students, academicians, professors, doctoral candidates, and other stakeholders.

The goal of these sessions is to provide participants an opportunity to share and discuss how educational standards may hold inequities for the disadvantaged, poor, underserved, religious, or justice-impacted. Cultural differences, academic leadership, and diversity exchanges are priorities while engaging our international partners.

The Educational Justice Conference provides ALL educators a scholarly, welcoming environment to network, research and share best practices; while embracing the core concept of equity and equality for ALL students. 

2024 theme: Inclusion, Collaboration and Advocacy

Who attends EdJusticeCon?

The Educational Justice Conference is presented in collaboration with the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) with separate registration for ATINER conference sessions. For any questions regarding ATINER registration, please contact:

#EdJusticeCon 2024 Schedule

Arrivals in Athens

ATINER Conference

                              Dr. Chevelle Hall, Virginia State University, Fullbright Scholar

                              Dr. Aaron Livington, Grambling University

                              Dr. Linda Taylor, EJJ, WLST        

                              Dr. Marlyn Pierce

                              Dr. Arifah Goodwin, Virginia State University

University of Athens (pending)

Cultural and Academia Exchange

Private tour and leadership meeting

Partnership planning

Educational Justice Conference Sessions

Mental Health and Education Working For All

Supporting Educational Stakeholders in Mental Health Crisis

US Embassy & Ambassador

Diplomatic and HBCU delegation visit

EJC Dinner